Friday, April 15, 2011

Roger Jackson returns in Scream 4

"Do you like scary Movies ?" If so, go see 'Scream 4' released in theaters today!
Our very talented Roger Jackson returns to send chills down your spine, as the voice of 'Ghostface'.

Monday, April 4, 2011

SF Giants Mania!

Stars Actors -  CJ Norde, Colin Higgins, John Lennon Harrison, Lauren Burns, Nico Dennis, Olivia Dora, Sammy Wegent, Steve Kinsella and Tim Talbot, had a great time filming the 2011 SF Giants commercials with the 2010 World Champion Team!

Here are links to the fun commercials and 'behind the scenes' photos taken by our actors

Confessional: Sammy Wegent & Steve Kinsella/ SF Giants

Birds and Bees: Colin Higgins & Nico Dennis/ SF Giants

Driving Test: John Lennon Harrison & Olivia Dora/ SF Giants

Break Up: Lauren Burns/ SF Giants

Stuck at Office: CJ Norde & Tim Talbot/ SF Giants


David Kaye for Slim Jim's

Our V/O talent, David Kaye, is the announcer on these great videos for Slim Jim's